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Used Stratasys 3D printers

We offer a wide range of used Stratasys 3D printers for every application and budget. Benefit now from significant cost savings and minimize your environmental footprint along the way.

For many companies, new Stratasys 3D printers are simply too expensive or there is uncertainty that the printer will not achieve the winning benefit for its price. iSQUARED therefore offers fully functional, used Stratasys printers for every budget, helping businesses to save money while getting access to the same powerful 3D printing capabilities.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in the 3D printing industry and can provide valuable insights into the capabilities and features of different machines. We understand that selecting the right printer can be a complex process, given the range of technologies and models available, and we strive to make the decision easier for you. Whether you're looking for a machine that can produce high-resolution models, handle large-scale printing projects, or work with flexible materials, we can recommend suitable options based on your requirements. We can also help you identify printers that align with your sustainability objectives or budget constraints.

Every refurbished device helps to protect the environment. By refurbishing the 3D printer, less electrical waste is generated. Refurbished electrical devices can also help reduce the demand for the production of new electronic products, saving energy and resources in the process.

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