12 to 13 September 2023, Messe Luzern

AM Expo

Trade fair and symposium: inspiration, further education and networking

The AM Expo is the only trade fair in Switzerland that deals exclusively with additive manufacturing. 80 exhibitors along the entire value-added chain use the trade fair to demonstrate in an application-oriented manner the possibilities offered by additive manufacturing and how manufacturing technology can be used profitably.

Whether beginner or professional in the field of additive manufacturing: AM Expo provides competent answers to central questions on additive manufacturing, tailored to the various fields of application.

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Successful trade fair

AM Expo has come to an end after two successful days. The interest in the trade fair for additive manufacturing was very high. The organisers are highly satisfied.


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The AM Expo offered inspiration, expertise and networking during two days. Immerse yourself once again in AM Expo 2023 with the impressions.

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AM Expo 2025

Save the date: The next AM Expo will take place from 16 to 17 September 2025 at Messe Luzern.

Discover exciting contributions from the exhibitors

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AM Expo
Trade Fair Information

Inspiration, expertise and networking at AM Expo 2023

All important stakeholders in the Swiss AM industry will meet at Messe Luzern once again on September 12 and 13, 2023. On these two days, around 80 exhibitors and brands will provide a unique overview of the additive manufacturing sector and present their products, solutions and innovations.

AM Expo
Trade Fair Information

Successful industrial fairs attract numerous visitors

After two successful days, AM Expo and Swiss Medtech Expo came to an end today, Wednesday 13 September 2023 at Messe Luzern. The interest in the two trade fairs was very high: 3,600 visitors were on site. The organisers are highly satisfied.

MessX AG Hall 2 / E 2146
Best Practice

Why CT perfectly complements additive manufacturing

For additively manufactured components with complex geometries, conventional test methods reach their limits. Using the example of housings intended for hearing protection and a connection angle, we show you how you can achieve reliable quality assurance despite complexity and structure.

Boston Micro Fabrication Hall 1 / E 1173

Injection molding or 3D printing of micro parts?

Traditionally, 3D printing has been used for prototyping and injection molding for production. But additive manufacturing has evolved: today there are 3D printing technologies that can be used to produce production-quality components - and in large quantities.

MessX AG Hall 2 / E 2146
Best Practice

Quality assurance with computer tomography

Hamilton Medical AG manufactures ventilation solutions for seriously ill patients. Using computed tomography, the company has been able to analyse and optimise the welding geometries of its flow sensors, resulting in a significant reduction in production waste.

URMA AG Hall 1 / B 1047

Revolutionary 3D Printing Solution: Markforged X7 - The Path to Industrial Excellence

Discover the future of industrial 3D printing! URMA AG presents the Markforged X7 - the innovative printer that delivers industrial-grade components in hours, not weeks. Experience the power of fiber-reinforced printing and the precision of a revolutionary technology. Visit us at booth B1047!

Impressions of the AM Expo 2023

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