Small series & digital spare parts management

In contrast to conventional production methods, economies of scale do not apply to additive manufacturing. This means the cost per unit is not dependent on the number of units, which makes cost-effective small series possible. In turn, this opens up new applications such as digital spare parts management. Spare parts are stored digitally and produced individually when required. This focus topic presents interesting examples of small series.

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Sidrag AG January 23, 2019

Engineering for die casting

Do you need support in the realization of a complex casting project? As an experienced provider in small and medium series, we will be happy to advise you and successfully implement your project together with you.

AM Expo 2020

Sidrag AG January 23, 2019

When should you check die casting as an option?

This article shows you the main differences between die casting and other technologies for the production of components. You will also find out in what situation this form of production is worthwhile and when it becomes financially viable.

BSF Bünter AG November 19, 2018

Additive Manufacturing in use at 400m depth

With increasing depth, large forces act on the tubes of a geothermal probe. In order to be able to cope with these forces at the lowest point over decades, Jansen relies on additive reinforcing sleeves and saves 70% of the original production costs.

AM Expo 2020

prodartis AG April 9, 2018

Bobbins series of 4000

In order to establish a more flexible supply chain and shorter time to market, KUK Electronic AC produces a part of its bobbin series with selective laser sintering.

AM Expo 2019

Faigle 3D June 10, 2016

Gear for tram terminal station displays

With the sintered gear, the display of terminal stations within trams can be repaired. In light boxes, the gear transports the film with each terminal station name.

AM Expo 2016

BSF Bünter AG March 21, 2016

Improved bayonet mount

The new design of the bayonet mount enables an easy mounting combined with very small size. The part can only be produced additively.

AM Expo 2019

Ecoparts AG March 2, 2016

Lightweight parts for the chairless-chair

Load-bearing structure for a exoskeleton

AM Expo 2018

ProtoShape 3D-Printing AG February 10, 2016

3D scan safe high security key

StealthKey by UrbanAlps is the mechanical answer to unauthorized 3D scanning and printing of mechanical key.

AM Expo 2019

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