Showcase AM Expo 2021

Additive Solutions for Industrial Gas Turbines

Dreaming of big and heavy additive parts for the next generation of gas turbines? With printing space as big as 500 x 500 x 500 mm, we offer serial production of large additive manufactured components with extremely complex shapes integrating more details and functions.

The 3D-printed IGT demonstrator was developed in designed in close collaboration with our R&D team. We therefore managed to produce a component which is not only very big but also cobines very complex and extreme shapes such as ollow structures and very thin walls (<1mm). 

Through product development and process know-how, the team managed to integrate up to 40 single parts into one design and reducing process steps e.g. tooling and machining processes.

Optimized Part Cooling

The possibilities in 3D printing in combination with the know-how in optimizing of the product design are key to make IGT solutions even better in their functionality. Functions such as cooling can be optimized and applied exactly where it is needed.

Finding the right Technology

Additive manufacturing or precision casting? 
The choice for the perfect technology depends on the specific project requirements and needs. GF brings long-standing experience with similar component families from the casting process which is now built upon when offering additive solutions: of course at the same high quality level.

  • We keep an eye on cost efficiency, component lifetime, number of parts, geometry and part size. 
  • Depending on your needs and project requirements, the precision casting process may be the right choice.
  • The flexibility and speed for the manufacturing of complex shapes in AM is unbeatable. With an expert team and certification, we support your 3D-printing project.
  • What matters most is the accuracy of your solution and the fit to your needs. GF is your partner for casting and additive manufacturing and helps you decide on the right technology. 

All our additive manufacturing and follow-up processes are certified according to EN 9100.

Visit our website to learn more about our demonstrator and additive solutions for IGT.