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GF Casting Solutions has long-standing expertise in metal processing and serial production. With our manufacturing technologies, we develop and supply ready-to-mount solutions for customers in six market segments. With additive manufacturing, we provide even more speed and flexibility.

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GF Casting Solutions AG August 15, 2023

Setting new trends with large additive solutions like combustion chambers

New challenges need revolutionizing ideas and innovative technologies - at GF Casting Solutions we offer the full additive manufacturing process as well as certified post-processing in-house. Our impressive and complex additiv components help you to set new trends within your industry.

AM Expo 2023

GF Casting Solutions AG September 28, 2021

GF Additive recertifies with excellence

GF Additive, also known as AMotion Center, renewed three of its most important certificates. The plant located in Novazzano obtained the recertifications without any further complaints or deviations from the quality guidelines.

AM Expo 2021

GF Casting Solutions AG August 16, 2021

Additive Manufacturing at the GF AMotion Center

Learn more about how GF Casting Solutions profites from a well-experienced precision casting know-how to improve its additive manufacturing competence.

GF Casting Solutions AG August 5, 2021

New dimensions with the turbocharger demonstrator of GF

Additive manufacturing offers unlimited possibilities in terms of design, speed and production processes. We offer you serial production of big components with complexe forms and functional integration; even for motorsport solutions thanks to printing spaces of up to 500 x 500 x 500 mm.

AM Expo 2021

GF Casting Solutions AG August 3, 2021

3D-printed turbocharger for motorsports

The motorsportworld is changing fast and speed is crucial to adapt to new trends. Additive technologies help to build more sustainable and powerful solutions like turbochargers. Learn more!

AM Expo 2021

GF Casting Solutions AG July 26, 2021

Setting new trends for the automotive industry

Need to speed up your manufacturing processes? Benefit from fast turnaround time and a single point of contact: From the concept to the serial production.

AM Expo 2021

GF Casting Solutions AG June 28, 2021

Additive solutions for motorsports

The motorsport world is changing fast and speed is crucial to adapt to new trends. Additive technologies help to build more sustainable and powerful solutions like turbochargers. Learn more about the advantages of additive manufacturing in motorsports.

AM Expo 2021

GF Casting Solutions AG February 22, 2021

3D-printed demonstrator for industrial gas turbines

The next generation of gas turbines will be a real game changer - and additive technologies and their advantages are key to build more sustainable turbines. Learn more about how future industrial gas turbines will benefit from additive manufacturing.

GF Casting Solutions AG February 15, 2021

Additive Solutions for Industrial Gas Turbines

Dreaming of big and heavy additive parts for the next generation of gas turbines? With printing space as big as 500 x 500 x 500 mm, we offer serial production of large additive manufactured components with extremely complex shapes integrating more details and functions.

AM Expo 2021

GF Casting Solutions AG November 4, 2020

Innovation Center for 3D-printed Sand Cores

Since June 2018, our iron casting plant in Leipzig (DE) has had its own innovation center with a team working on additive manufacturing and its application for sand cores used in iron casting.

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About us

GF Casting Solutions is one of the leading solution providers of lightweight components in the mobility and energy industry. As a future-oriented company, we act as a driving force for innovation in the foundry and additive manufacturing world and want to take the lead in shaping the development of sustainable mobility.

First Choice for cast & additive Solutions

Our solutions help our customers to reduce CO2-emissions and develop alternative drives. In close cooperation with our customers and partners we guarantee that our solutions are exactly matching the challenges on the market – from the first concept over the precise realization up to the reliable validation.

We rely on 200 years of know-how and our lightweight design expertise, which we are continuously increasing, and on the development and expansion of new markets.

GF Casting Solutions at AM Expo 2021

As a technologically pioneering development partner and manufacturer of cast and additive components for the automotive, aerospace and energy markets, we will be present at the AM Expo to display our highly complex AM components developed in close cooperation with our customers and partners. 

We offer you the entire length of the value-adding chain – from the initial concept to precise implementation and reliable validation - to manufacture innovations of the future.

Discover our additive manufacturing competence and learn more about high quality series production at GF. Come and visit us - we are looking forward to welcoming you!