Advanced Manufacturing of drug delivery systems

InkVivo’s technology provides pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies a cost-effective strategy to repurpose drugs and to extend the lifecycle of existing products, addressing a multi-billion market. Learn more in the pitch by Dr Elia Guzzi.

Controlled release of active ingredients is of fundamental importance to provide the desired therapeutic effect in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Current manufacturing technologies are limited to common design of drugs and provide poor control of dosage over time, increasing risks of side effects and long-term complications.

InkVivo developed an innovative approach to produce drug delivery systems that can be easily administered subcutaneously and orally. We combine our patented biomaterial platform with our advanced manufacturing method to produce delivery systems that have a specific spatial composition and formulation, regulating the temporal release of diverse therapeutics (e.g., small molecules, antibodies, and micronutrients).

Speaker: Dr. Elia Guzzi, InkVivo Technologies AG, CEO & Co-Founder