alcento ornamental lights

alcento is a premium ornamental light for both home and office use. Part of the design are three cable clamps for fixation. They have to be black, good quality and should be produced in Switzerland in a small batch serie. The requirements were matched with the new additive SLS FLIGHT technology.

alcento is the name of the floor lamp by Prolux Elektrosystem AG from Lupfig. The light embodies the knowledge of lighting at a reading and working space. It owns a unique design to produce with as less energy as possible as much light as possible for a long operation life. The shape of the light is given by its engineering.

The power supply of the light is design highly flexible and can be adjusted according to the tastes of the customers. Who wants to lead the cable closely attached to the premium high-polished chromed standpipe, gets 3 cable clamps upon delivery of the light.

Such small parts should not have an essential role in the expense budgeting. While developing the light, Prolux tested very simple cable clamps made out of spring wires. Unfortunately this material caused scratches on the high-class standpipe while moving the clamps in other positions. Therefore this material didn't fit the design requirements of Prolux Elektrosystem AG at all.

So Prolux decided to use plastics instead of spring wire. The company desired to have a plastic part made in Switerzland for its unique and smart light - further on they were under time pressure as the light is already available on the market. The batch number additionally in this premium market segment is quite low - so Prolux got in touch with Rapid Manufacturing AG.

Rapid Manufacturing AG was capable to meet all requirements of Prolux by using its new production line FARSOON FLIGHT technology. It was very important to Prolux to be independent of any tooling as the part should be slightly changeable in engineering if necessary. The plastic parts should be black without attracting attention, ideally throughout black (not only the surface) and of course, cost-effective. Rapid Manufacturing AG was able to meet all the desires of the customer and has become a proud supplier of this small part of a fabulous light.