Service AM Expo 2020

Express production for prototypes

If time is short we can make an express order. To do this, we reduce the height (volume to be produced) so that we reach the desired time window. Hard to believe, but in combination with express courier services, next-day deliveries of parts become possible.

Rapid Manufacturing Inc, founded 2015, got its place in the Swiss additive industry as a production company for both serial products as well as for a very fast rapid prototyping service. The enterprise owns 3 selective laser sintering systems by EOS called FORMIGA P110. The Formiga systems do not only offer highest resultion in the SLS market by their thin laser spots - some users of the system call it HD resolution - they also have a great platform size of 200 x 250 mm to produce very quickly a smaller amout of parts (systems with larger platforms obvioulsy need larger utilization for a economic machine start).

For this reason, Rapid Manufacturing Inc. is highly requested for ultra fast rapid protyping. On the Formiga systems, we can regulate the building height that a job runs through the night and the cooling period is as short that the prototpyes can be available already the next day.

Our customers in our closer neighbourhood use this service to pick up the parts quite often personally. But also customers in a wider distance like our possibilities - because of our great strategic location in the Zurich agglomeration. Our very next post offices are open 7 days a week until 8 p.m. in order to secure an express delivery the next morning before 9 a.m. Meaning a Geneva customer can order parts before 4 p.m. and well recieve the the overnext morning before 9 p.m. on this desk!