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Fast product development of the noonee chairless chair

The noonee chairless chair relieves worker, supports a healthy working position and makes the worker more efficient. During the product development, Rapid Manufacturing Ltd. played an intensive role by supporting noonee sometimes even with express production of prototypes.

Almost all large automotive producers as well as a great number of well-known enterprises of various industries worldwide use the chairless chair of the Swiss founded company noonee. The exoskeleton chairless chair makes comfortable working possible, the productivity will be increased, legs and back will be relieved - which all result in reduction of costs for days absent. Active seating supports the health preventively. The exoskeleton chairless chair safeguards jobs even in the silver age. It is used flexible and easy, it takes less than 60 seconds to take in on - and it's even taken off faster.

The chairless chair substitutes disturbing chairs or other body supports.

Noonee was founded in 2014 as a spin-off of the polytechnical university of Switzerland ETH Zurich in Ruti in the Zurich Oberland. The engineers always needed as ultrafast as possible prototypes for the mechanical components of the chairless chair. The company of their choice was Rapid Manufacturing Ltd., also freshly founded at this time and in a geographically good distance to noonee. As Rapid Manufacturing is a young business, the company could act extremely flexible and is capable to release prototypes even the next day. Like this, Rapid Manufacturing was important for the fast product development of the chairless chair and proudly can name itself as a success factor of the nowadays international acting company noonee.