Flyer uses the NXE400 to quickly Prototype New E-Bikes

In order for the e-bike company FLYER to grow further, the focus is on rapid product development. To support its own innovation process, FLYER chose the NXE400 SLA printer, which enabled it to reduce both design and production time by 48%.

The Swiss company FLYER develops and produces high-quality Swiss e-bikes. The development is based on innovation, attention to detail, careful care and an eye for design.

As a specialized bicycle manufacturer, FLYER offers great flexibility and design freedom by integrating 3D components into its product designs. Its innovation team uses two in-house Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printers for prototypes, research and development, and small series of parts that go into pre-production bikes for beta testing.

As the company continues to grow, FLYER must develop new products quickly to keep pace. To support this growth, they had to switch to an SLA (Industrial Stereolithography) printer that prints more parts with a smooth detailed surface finish at higher speeds.

FLYER chose the NXE400 SLA printer based on their requirements for speed, surface quality and reliability, and the decision was well worth it. After only a short time, the innovation team was able to reduce both design and production time by a full 48%. In addition, FLYER was able to make changes at low cost, enabling them to bring their innovative designs to market much faster.