Service AM Expo 2023

From Vision to Reality: The Factory of the Future with URMA AG

URMA is your competent partner for 3D printing solutions in Switzerland. In close collaboration with various partners, URMA offers a comprehensive range of solutions throughout the entire additive manufacturing production chain.

The complete production cycle: From design to quality control

Over the past years, URMA AG has continuously expanded its expertise in the field of additive manufacturing. In addition to investing in its own applications, URMA offers a wide machine portfolio for additive manufacturing as a complete provider. From design and optimization to post-processing and quality control, you receive expert advice and market-leading systems directly from URMA. The range of 3D printers includes composite printers from Markforged, as well as polymer and metal 3D printers from EOS. Thanks to new partnerships with the companies DyeMansion and Solukon, URMA has significantly expanded its machine offerings in the post-processing area.

DyeMansion: Complete solutions from printing to the final product

DyeMansion is the leading provider of finishing systems for industrial 3D printing of polymers. With DyeMansion as a partner, URMA offers innovative solutions that cover all finishing steps from raw product to end product. The systems for powder removal, surface finishing, and coloring of plastic parts can be seamlessly integrated into existing production processes.

Solukon: Specialized in depowdering metal components

Solukon specializes in the powder removal of 3D-printed components. The systems can remove powder from difficult-to-handle materials such as copper. With inertization processes in protected chambers, the systems are also suitable for reactive materials such as titanium and aluminum. With Solukon as a partner, URMA has a leading manufacturer of depowdering systems for 3D-printed metal parts by their side.

3D-Solutions from URMA

We invite you to visit us at the AMX trade fair. You can find us in Hall 1 at Booth B1047.