FS 3200 PA-F - a unique polyamide

As a former beta tester, we are the only service bureau in the world to use Farsoon's special material! There is not only the "ONE" polyamide - polyamides is a collective term for various thermoplastics.

The two polyamides 12 and 11 are mainly used in additive manufacturing technologies. Polyamide 12 is a thermoplastic, semi-crystalline and linear plastic. It is also the lightest of all polyamide plastics. Polyamide 11 is characterized by high impact strength and elongation at break.

The polyamide which is marketed under the brand name FS3200PA-F, is a successful combination of the two polyamides mentioned above. Chemically, it is a polyamide 12.12.

FS3200PA-F is slightly softer than PA 2200 (the standard polyamide 12 from EOS which is also used in our company), but nevertheless very robust with a tensile strength of 42-47 MPa. At the same time, the material has an elongation at break of 25 to 45%, an exceptional property for a thermoplastic!

Farsoon normally processes the polyamide 12.12 for their CO2 laser systems. In beta testing, the Chinese company offered the material as a worldwide exception to its beta tester Rapid Manufacturing filled with soot black particles for use on the FLIGHT glass fiber laser system.

Some of our customers were so enthusiastic that it is impossible to imagine our portfolio without the material!

The FS3200PA-F is excellently suited for medium-sized serial parts, due to the processing on the Farsoon Flight with an building zone of 400 x 400 x 540 mm.  At the same time, it is also a cost-effective alternative for large prototypes and we even have a certificate of biocompatibility!