News AM Expo 2023

ProductionToGo GmbH presents you the Nexa3D® Road Show!

In three different locations (Munich, Cologne, Karlsbad) and at three different times (September 25, 26 and 28) you can learn everything about the broad portfolio of Nexa3D® in just one afternoon.

This event will focus on all Nexa3D® 3D printers, both powder and resin systems, as well as the matching post-processing options and materials.

Live on-site, you will be able to examine the Nexa3D® XiP and the Nexa3D® XiP Pro.

About Nexa3D®:

Nexa3D® is known for its pioneering role within additive manufacturing. With its LSPc® technology, the company has developed a revolution within resin 3D printing that offers massive speed increases over other technologies without sacrificing quality or repeatability.

At the same time, Nexa3D® is now also present in polymer powder 3D printing with its QLS series. The QLS 230 and 236 stand out with their open material platform and high throughput laser, while the QLS 820, thanks to its Quantum Laser Sintering, is the champion in terms of scalability and productivity.

Furthermore, Nexa3D® offers several post-processing solutions in the form of washing and post-curing stations, as well as in-house manufactured materials with a wide range of features and applications.

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Nexa3D® Road Show – Munich - 25. September 2023:

Nexa3D® Road Show – Cologne - 26. September 2023:

Nexa3D® Road Show – Karlsbad -  25. September 2023: