Brand AM Expo 2023

Revolutionary 3D Printing Solution: Markforged X7 - The Path to Industrial Excellence

Discover the future of industrial 3D printing! URMA AG presents the Markforged X7 - the innovative printer that delivers industrial-grade components in hours, not weeks. Experience the power of fiber-reinforced printing and the precision of a revolutionary technology. Visit us at booth B1047!

Unparalleled Fiber Reinforcement

The X7 3D printer has the ability to continuously produce carbon fiber-reinforced parts in just a few hours that are as strong as machined aluminum. This means you can replace aluminum parts with these highly durable carbon fiber components. This revolutionary technology opens up new possibilities for designers, allowing them to create lighter yet incredibly robust components.

Functional Parts for Any Requirement

No matter what functional requirements you have, the Markforged X7 offers the solution. Whether it's flame resistance, chemical resistance, energy absorption, high resolution, or prototyping, this 3D printer provides a wide range of industrial materials and printing modes to produce the desired functional parts. With the X7, you have the freedom to create complex components with high precision and exceptional quality.

Industrial Reliability and Accuracy

The precision-engineered hardware, advanced sensors, and unique software of the Markforged X7 ensure unparalleled accuracy and reliability. This industrial series of 3D printers offers laser-based calibration at the micron level to print functional parts with a repeatability of 50 μm and remarkable surface finish.


With the Markforged X7, URMA AG brings you a revolutionary 3D printing solution that takes you to the forefront of industrial excellence. Experience the incredible speed, strength, and precision of this cutting-edge printer. Don't miss the chance to visit our booth B1047 and explore the future of manufacturing with the Markforged X7.