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Solukon – the post-processing market leader for depowdering

Solukon pioneered the world's first automated part cleaning solution known as Smart Powder Recuperation Technology (SPR®), perfecting the automated cleaning of laser-fused 3D printed parts.

Solukon's depowdering systems are compatible with all 3D printers that use powder. The various post-treatment systems vary mainly in terms of the dimensions of the components to be cleaned and the freedom of movement of the swiveling arms. Starting with the entry-level model SFM-AT200, through SFM-AT350 for medium-sized components and the SFM-AT-800-S system, which is suitable for complex components, up to the SFM-AT1000-S powder removal system for particularly large components.

The efficient powder removal in additive manufacturing.

Solukon products meet the highest functionality and safety standards. Solukon's systems are capable of removing powder from difficult-to-handle materials such as copper. Thanks to a protected process chamber with inerting, Solukon systems can even be used with reactive materials such as titanium and aluminum.

Solukon not only manufactures world-class depowdering systems but also seamlessly integrates them with digital processes. Solukon is the first company in the world to include depowdering software called SPR-Pathfinder® in its product line. This software uses the CAD data of the construction project to determine the optimal sequence of movements in the Solukon system to remove excess powder. This eliminates the need for manual programming efforts.

Solukon depowdering systems for metal

All machines are based on the innovative Solukon Smart Powder Recuperation Technology (SPR®): Rotation around up to two axes and targeted vibration excitation ensure that even the finest powder flows out of internal channels. In this way, Solukon systems enable efficient depowdering in a short time, even of complex metal components such as heat exchangers. 

Your advantages:

  • Reproducible cleaning results
  • Time saving up to 90 %
  • Approved explosion protection
  • High degree of protection from hazardous dusts
  • Residual powder retrieval

Solukon Depowdering Systems for your individual application

Solukon Depowdering systems in the AM production line

For a clean and lean production without any powder contact, you can also integrate the Solukon powder removal systems into your AM cell.

1. Depowdering

After unpacking the parts in the 3D printer, the depowdering station (here SFM-AT800-S) removes critical powder residues from the parts in a protected atmosphere and collects them contamination-free in the chamber bottom.

2. Sifting

The powder residue can then be fed to the powder recycling unit. There it is sieved and refreshed with fresh powder.

3. Reuse the powder

The powder is now ready for further printing processes.

Solukon’s powder removal systems thus ensure a closed, safe and efficient powder cycle in your AM production.