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Expand your online presence - for more visibility and awareness

What can visitors discover and experience at your booth? On the website, you can present your products, services and offers by posting text, audio and video materials. This content is displayed automatically to interested visitors.

This will attract more visitors – and the right ones – to your booth. The results? More high-quality leads, so you achieve your goals for the trade fair and your marketing targets.

Choose the appropriate package for additional promotion of your presence at AM Expo so you achieve even wider reach and more leads – even after the trade fair ends.

Our offers

How you benefit

Content Marketing

With Content on the trade fair website, you make sure your products and services are explicitly visible. This will make visitors aware of you as they prepare for the trade fair.

More visibility

With the additional Packages, you stand out visually on the website. This comprehensive brand presence attracts more attention, so you ultimately get more leads at your booth. 

More reach

The additional Packages give you more opportunities for contact and interaction with your logo presence and your content, so you generate more valuable leads.

Full transparency

You can see all the results of your content on the trade fair website: links, impressions, views and leads. You gain full transparency about the success of your content.

Trade fair marketing: our packages

Package name

Premium (limited)

Content plus

Logo plus

Communication package*

Price CHF 3’190.00 CHF 1’090.00 CHF 490.00

CHF 0.00 additional costs

Benefits You will achieve higher visibility and awareness before, during and after the fair. You will attract more attention thanks to additional content. You will achieve even higher visibility on the trade fair website and at the trade fair itself.

Basic presence on the trade fair website (1 exhibitor profile and 3 contributions)

* The obligatory communication package of CHF 850.00 is already included in your stand registration.

Exhibitor profile

Exhibitor profile with logo 
Hero image      
Background image on the profile preview      
Direct lead generation
(call-to-action button)  
Visitors can follow your profile 


Branding and visibility

Logo in the slider on the homepage 


Logo on the interactive hall plan

Logo on the F4 hall plan at the hall entrance (print deadline: 1 month before trade fair start date)        


Content and reach

Number of content items (posts and events) 



6 3 3

Have you content displayed on topic pages, in personalized recommendations, in the search, and in the overview 


Have your content published on the personalized newsletter 


Have your content sent to your target group as email updates 


Social media post of one of your content items (created by the trade fair team)

2 1    

Exclusive profile recommendation: visitors who register will be invited to follow your profile  



Success after the trade fair

Online presence until the next trade fair

We publish content items based on your channels. You will receive all content for review before publication 

(per year)
Have your content published on the personalized homepage
Have your content sent to your target group as email updates       


Statistics and leads

Lead dashboard with statistics updated daily 
  Book package Book package Book package