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DIM3NSIONS is your partner for the successful start with in-house 3D printing. With professional 3D printers from Ultimaker and Formlabs as well as a wide portfolio of accessories and materials and customized trainings, our customers are in good hands.

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DIM3NSIONS AG September 1, 2023

Precision 3D Scanners by Shining3D

Precision and ease of use combined in powerful scanning solutions, that's what Shining3D's metrology 3D scanners stand for. They are used in applications such as maintenance, reverse engineering or in combination with advanced additive manufacturing techniques.

AM Expo 2023

DIM3NSIONS AG August 25, 2023

UltiMaker S7: Reliability Meets Versatility

For years, the UltiMaker brand has symbolized reliability in 3D printing, offering an expansive ecosystem and ensuring seamless integration of printers, materials, and software. This tradition continues in 2023 with the UltiMaker S7.

AM Expo 2023

DIM3NSIONS AG July 7, 2023

Photocentric LC Magna LCD 3d printer

The 3D printer for series production or larger components is called LC Magna and is a resin printer by Photocentric based on LCD technology. Series or near-series parts can be produced with it in small or medium batches, depending on the size of the component.

AM Expo 2023

DIM3NSIONS AG July 7, 2023

The Mayku Multiplier - Produce housings and covers within minutes

With the Mayku Multiplier, housings, covers, protective plates, etc. can be produced within minutes and replicated almost infinitely often. With 4 bar pressure, the 3D pressure former achieves a level of detail that leaves even SLA printers behind.

AM Expo 2023

DIM3NSIONS AG September 1, 2021

Printed serial parts at Rufalex

Rufalex Rolladen-Systeme AG in Kirchberg BE does not only print prototypes and jigs and fixtures with their Ultimaker 3D printers but also serial parts for their production in Switzerland. This allows the company to stay flexible and able to supply in times of uncertain logistics and supply chains.

AM Expo 2021

DIM3NSIONS AG July 20, 2021

Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

Thanks to the open filament system, the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle is the most versatile professional 3D printer and best suited for 24/7 usage. Prototypes, jigs and fixtures, spare parts and even serial parts can be realized with it without hassles.

AM Expo 2021

DIM3NSIONS AG February 20, 2018

Preparation for surgery in veterinary medicine

With the help of a 3D printed model from CT scans surgical intervention on a young horse with deformed hind legs was prepared. Thanks to optimal preparation the intervention was successful and the horse is now able to walk without problems.

AM Expo 2018

DIM3NSIONS AG February 16, 2018

Ultimaker 3

The dual extrusion 3D printer Ultimaker 3 allows for printing water-soluble support material, 2C-printing (hard/soft) or two color printing with an optimized workflow due to its integration into the slicer software Cura and together with the print management software Cura Connect.

AM Expo 2018

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About us

DIM3NSIONS is the friendly, small business which accompanies customers from one-man-business to global cooperations in a personal way on their 3d printing projects. The founder and owner Stefan Heule is a long-term Ultimaker Ambassador and contact person for all products and services such as trainings etc. within the DIM3NSIONS portfolio.