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Official Swiss representative of 3D printers from 3D-Systems. Specialized in the field of additive manufacturing with printer technologies such as DMP, SLS, DLP, MJP and CJP, as well as authorized Distributor and General Representative of Machine Tools by TTGroup & Indùstrias ROMI S.A..

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Steiner Werkzeugmaschinen AG June 27, 2023

AMT PostPro SF100 - Fully automatic post-processing

Designed specifically for the additive manufacturing industry, AMT's fully automated finishing solutions consistently and quickly transform 3D printed parts into production-ready parts.

AM Expo 2023

Steiner Werkzeugmaschinen AG June 27, 2023

Professional & precise - the new DMP Flex 200

Metal 3D printer for the finest details and thinnest walls. Outstanding accuracy, repeatability and the industry's best surface finish, now with an enlarged build platform!

AM Expo 2023

Steiner Werkzeugmaschinen AG June 27, 2023

New 3D printing solution for jewellery making

The ProJet MJP 2500W Plus 3D printer uses MultiJet printing technology to consistently produce high-fidelity, CAD-accurate lost wax models for precision lost wax jewellery casting.

AM Expo 2023

Steiner Werkzeugmaschinen AG August 4, 2021

MfgPro230 xS - SLS 3D Printer from XYZprinting

Selective Laser Sintering technology (SLS) has long been the platform of choice for producing 3D printed part with tough, durable mechanical properties. The MfgPro230 xS brings this capability to every prototyping user at an unprecedented value.

AM Expo 2021

Steiner Werkzeugmaschinen AG July 29, 2021

The perfect 3D printer for your project

Looking for the latest technologies in the 3D printer sector? With us you get professional solutions and service on 3D printers, competent and reliable.

AM Expo 2021

Steiner Werkzeugmaschinen AG February 6, 2020

3D Printer - ProJet MJP 2500/2500 Plus

Access to high quality and functional prototypes made of plastic or elastomers has never been easier and faster than with the 3D Systems MJP EasyClean System. In addition, this 3D printer excels with 3D printing speeds up to three times faster than printers of the same class.

AM Expo 2020

Steiner Werkzeugmaschinen AG March 11, 2019

Quality and efficiency

Everything from a single source about the newest 3D printers and materials - consulting, project planning, sales, installation, training and maintenance.

AM Expo 2019

Steiner Werkzeugmaschinen AG January 23, 2019

Figure 4 Standalone - 3D printing system

Figure 4 is a revolutionary 3D printing system, delivering ultra-fast print speeds and exceptional part quality at truly affordable prices, whether you’re an enterprise manufacturer or a small business.

AM Expo 2019

Steiner Werkzeugmaschinen AG April 14, 2016

Clear Aligner (Braces)

Aligners are made out of transparent plastic, produced by thermic deformation with a 3D printed model or deep drawing.

AM Expo 2016

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About us

Steiner Werkzeugmaschinen AG is specialized in high-quality machine tools since its founding in 1945, already in the third generation. As an Authorized Distributor of TTGroup, Taiwan and Indùstrias ROMI S.A., Brazil their products have been imported to Switzerland for over 28 years. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with all partners, the products are continuously improved and optimized for the Swiss customers.

Since 2006, the family-owned company is the official Swiss representative of 3DSystems, founded the Steiner3D division and is specialized in the field of additive manufacturing. 3DSystems, founded in 1986 and headquartered in Rock Hill, USA, is the inventor of the 3D printing process stereolithography, is an international manufacturer of 3D printing systems and a leader in additive manufacturing, setting new standards in surface quality, formability and accuracy puts. In addition to producing 3D printing systems, 3DSystems also develops its own materials to meet the special requirements of 3D printing and offers printer technologies such as DMP, SLS, DLP, MJP and CJP.

In the showroom of Steiner Werkzeugmaschinen AG, Wynenmattenweg 1 in Gränichen, the latest machine tools and 3D printers can be shown and demonstrated.