A new generation of thermal, medical & therapeutic system 4.0

The CryoThermo system helps to improve the health of people who have intense sustained daily physical activity, of people who suffer from recurrent pain and chronic illness or injury. Find out more about the system in the pitch of Marco von Gunten, founder and CEO of CryoThermo 4.0 Sàrl.

The CryoThermo system is dedicated to people who require daily treatments.

Among its inventions, CryoThermo offers its customers “custom-made” compresses produced by Additive Manufacturing.

The CryoThermo system is an integrated system providing multiple simultaneous therapies with "custom-made", smart and connected 4.0 compresses whose purpose is to:

  • Speed up and facilitate the access to treatments
  • Improve the effectiveness of overall therapies process
  • Reduce the overall duration of the treatment process

CryoThermo is a Swiss start-up founded in 2022 which has protected its brand and filed a patent. We are looking for medical, technological and business partners, as well as investors.

Speaker: Marco von Gunten, CryoThermo 4.0 Sàrl, Founder & CEO