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CSEM SA October 20, 2023

Processing of advanced materials

Additive Manufacturing has not only enabled unprecedented freedom in design but has also unlocked processing of advanced materials. During this talk you will discover recent advances in developing end-to-end additive manufacturing process of advanced materials for your applications.

IBAM - Innovation Booster Additive Manufacturing October 13, 2023

Indirect AM solution for cellular agriculture scaffolds

While additive manufacturing provides absolute control of the geometry, the range of printable, high-performance materials is still limited. The ETH startup sallea is therefore developing 3D cell culture scaffolds for the cultivation of clean meat and fish based on an indirect AM approach.

IBAM - Innovation Booster Additive Manufacturing October 2, 2023

A new generation of thermal, medical & therapeutic system 4.0

The CryoThermo system helps to improve the health of people who have intense sustained daily physical activity, of people who suffer from recurrent pain and chronic illness or injury. Find out more about the system in the pitch of Marco von Gunten, founder and CEO of CryoThermo 4.0 Sàrl.

Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology October 2, 2023

Teamwork on the ground and in the air

An interdisciplinary team from Imperial College London and Empa have developed a drone that can print concrete. If several drones act as a team and additionally interact with ground robots and 3D printers, robotic ecosystems are created which may revolutionize the construction industry.

Unlimital AG July 28, 2023

With additive components on the mountain

A hill climb race is the embodiment of precision, maximum performance, efficiency and utmost concentration. These values manifest themselves not only in the drivers, but above all in their racing vehicles. A single component can make a significant difference.

AM Expo 2023

IBAM - Innovation Booster Additive Manufacturing July 21, 2023

AMPA-Conference 2023

AMPA is a scientific conference covering all topics necessary to launch and establish an additively manufactured serial product on the market.

AM Expo 2023

inspire AG July 10, 2023

Integration of piezoelectric elements

Novel integration method and successfully pre-stressed the piezo with a NiTi pre-stress element. This concept has high potential for macro and micro vibration damping due to the combination of NiTi and piezoelectric stack.

AM Expo 2023

CSEM SA June 30, 2023

Precision mechanisms with embedded functions

Additive manufacturing can allow freedom in geometry that could mean new designs and extended capabilities for mechanisms. In particular, the drastic reduction of the assembly process and the possibility to build more complex 3D compliant structures with embedded functionalities.

AM Expo 2023

inspire AG June 28, 2023

Versatile Nitinol

Superelasticity, shape memory and biocompatibility make nickel-titanium alloys a special material. Inspire is researching the processing of this class of alloys to develop innovative solutions for various applications including biomedical, aerospace and more.

AM Expo 2023

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW June 20, 2023
Best Practice

Design of an additively manufactured hydraulic directional spool valve

In close collaboration with Wandfluh AG and inspire AG, we developed two sizes of an additively manufactured hydraulic spool valve which exploit the design freedom of the laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) process. Compared to the conventionally manufactured valve, the pressure drop was reduced by 60%.

AM Expo 2023

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