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Discover our new aluminum for limitless versatility

Discover our innovative Aluminum 320 - a game-changer for additive manufacturing. With higher strength, improved conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance, it opens up limitless possibilities in demanding industries. Experience it at AM Expo 2023!

Innovative Aluminum Alloy

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new, high-strength aluminum that offers superior properties across the board. Specifically designed for additive manufacturing using our technology, Aluminum 320 presents itself as a true game changer in the industry.

Advantages of the Aluminium 320

Our Aluminum 320 stands out with the following outstanding properties:

  • Higher strength and improved elasticity: compared to our previous AlSi10Mg, the Aluminum 320 offers superior physical properties.
  • Improved conductivities: Both electrical and thermal conductivities are significantly optimized.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance: the fast solidifying microstructure of this alloy outperforms conventional alloys.
  • Versatile finishing options: With no silicon in the alloy, Aluminum 320 allows for enhanced anodizing. Decorative anodizing and hard anodizing are easily achieved and provide remarkable results.
  • Advantages for the manufacturing process: the thermal treatment of aluminum 320 is robust, resistant to temperature fluctuations and does not require complex heating and cooling processes.

All of these properties make Aluminum 320 ideal for use in demanding applications such as aerospace, automotive, motorsports, semiconductor and many more.

Visit us at AM Expo 2023

Learn more about our revolutionary Aluminum 320 and its wide range of applications. We invite you to visit us at AM Expo 2023 to see the material firsthand.

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