Mobility (automotive, aero-space)

Lightweight structures produced using intelligent addi-tive manufacturing methods combine high strength val-ues with reduced weight. Low-cost production of com-plex parts and improved material properties open up new possibilities in the aerospace and automotive sec-tors.

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Rösler Schweiz AG October 27, 2023

Internal Channel Surface Finishing: New Technologies and Case Study

This speech Daniele Da Prato presents the results in terms of cleaning and smoothing of internal channel surface of AlSi10Mg printed parts obtained through different mechanical and chemical processes. These techniques can enhance the development of Additive Manufacturing in the mobility sectors.

3D Swiss Finish September 6, 2023
Best Practice

Would you like to modify an existing part and produce it economically in small quantities?

Would you like to modify an existing part and produce it economically in small quantities? Using practical examples, we will show you how you can produce metal parts efficiently and cost-effectively.

AM Expo 2023

Eurofins Qualitech AG August 29, 2023

Industrial Computed Tomography for Aerospace

In hardly any other industry are the demands on component quality as high as in the aerospace industry. From the raw material to the finished products and assemblies, the highest standards apply in terms of dimensional accuracy, flawlessness and completeness.

AM Expo 2023

GF Casting Solutions AG August 15, 2023

Setting new trends with large additive solutions like combustion chambers

New challenges need revolutionizing ideas and innovative technologies - at GF Casting Solutions we offer the full additive manufacturing process as well as certified post-processing in-house. Our impressive and complex additiv components help you to set new trends within your industry.

AM Expo 2023

Unlimital AG July 28, 2023

With additive components on the mountain

A hill climb race is the embodiment of precision, maximum performance, efficiency and utmost concentration. These values manifest themselves not only in the drivers, but above all in their racing vehicles. A single component can make a significant difference.

AM Expo 2023

inspire AG July 10, 2023

Integration of piezoelectric elements

Novel integration method and successfully pre-stressed the piezo with a NiTi pre-stress element. This concept has high potential for macro and micro vibration damping due to the combination of NiTi and piezoelectric stack.

AM Expo 2023

Feramic AG June 28, 2023

Discover our new aluminum for limitless versatility

Discover our innovative Aluminum 320 - a game-changer for additive manufacturing. With higher strength, improved conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance, it opens up limitless possibilities in demanding industries. Experience it at AM Expo 2023!

AM Expo 2023

inspire AG June 28, 2023

Versatile Nitinol

Superelasticity, shape memory and biocompatibility make nickel-titanium alloys a special material. Inspire is researching the processing of this class of alloys to develop innovative solutions for various applications including biomedical, aerospace and more.

AM Expo 2023

Rapid Manufacturing AG October 25, 2022

Drone parts for Wingtra Ltd.

The mapping drone of Wingtra – airplane and VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) Additive manufacturing parts suitable for air transportation – by Rapid Manufacturing

GF Casting Solutions AG September 28, 2021

GF Additive recertifies with excellence

GF Additive, also known as AMotion Center, renewed three of its most important certificates. The plant located in Novazzano obtained the recertifications without any further complaints or deviations from the quality guidelines.

AM Expo 2021

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