Service AM Expo 2023

Excited about the future of additive manufacturing?

Have you ever wondered how additive manufacturing (3D printing) will revolutionize industries such as medical, aerospace and automotive? With us, you can experience the possibilities firsthand!

Have you considered how important analytics is along the entire AM value chain? From concept to post-market assurance - we show you how it ensures first-class quality and reliability, especially in demanding sectors such as aerospace and medicine.
Are you wondering how to ensure quality conceptually?

  • What influence do raw material properties have on first-class parts and products?
  • How can you optimize processes to ensure minimal defects and optimal mechanical properties?
  • How can you evaluate finished products and predict their behavior over time?
  • Interested in aging and degradation mechanisms?
  • How can you address and prevent defects through comprehensive analysis?

Eurofins Materials Science & Engineering is your partner for these innovations! With state-of-the-art analytical facilities across Europe, we stand for materials analysis, reliability testing and problem-solving. Learn with us:

  • How Analytical Methodology accelerates your product innovation.
  • What valuable insights our materials experts with over 40 years of experience can offer you.
  • How Reliability Testing provides world-class quality control and prevents early failure.

🌐 Globally positioned:
Discover Eurofins Materials & Engineering Science, a global leader in materials science and engineering, with over 600 experts and more than 20 facilities worldwide - we are with you on your journey to excellence.
📚 Questions about our quality assurance?
Don't worry, our techniques and analyses always meet industry standards (ISO, ASTM) for the highest demands.
🌟 Ready for innovation and precision at the AM Expo Show?
See you on September 12 and 13 in Lucerne! 

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