Showcase AM Expo 2020


Götti Dimension X allows a complete new individualisation. The system: a front, 3 sizes, 3 nose bridges and custom-made temples. The result: perfect wearing comfort thanks to eyesglasses with identity.

Rapid Manufacturing inc. is production partner for the serial production of Götti Dimension. Besides the internal production of Götti printing jobs for various eyewear parts will be executed with the partner Rapid Manufacturing in Rümlang close to Zurich.

The production by 3D printing allows a lot of freedom for the individualisation. As each eyewear part anyway is produced as signle item, requested parameters can be adjusted to customer needs. Through selective laser sintering, eyewear parts can be made with optimal material properties. After several treatments and colorisation of the surface,very light and flexible eye glasses can be created. A high grade product - custom made to individual needs.

Through the possibility to create single components, perfect eyewear can be produces to each single face. Instead of a mass product, eye glasses with its own identity, but still made in a serial production. With this technology, unlimited adjustment of all factors is possible. Götti Dimension X focuses on the essential parameters and offers a well arranged system. This kind of assembly kit replaces expensive measuring or scanning. Because of the choise of various nose bridges and glass sizes, unlimited combination posibilities arise.

A further service is the custom made temple length. Besides 2 different temple types, it is possible to produce both sides different temple lengths. Götti Dimension focuses on the needs of the customers. With this simple but effective individualisation, a high grade unique eyeware can be created with a minimal effort. What has been impossible years ago is now reality with Götti Dimension. A simple system for individually custom made eyewar. Highest wearing comfort - made in Switzerland.