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Additive manufacturing technology opens up previously unimagined freedom for designers, enables customized production, reduces time-to-market and makes it easier to keep new products secret until publication. Products such as footwear and watches are now configured online and printed in retail outlets such as jewelry stores.

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Feramic AG June 28, 2023
Best Practice

Realize your ideas with us - now is the right time!

Now is the time to turn your ideas into reality! Whether innovative products or industrial components, we offer the technology and know-how to turn your visions into reality. Be inspired by our successful projects, like the one with manifest AG.

AM Expo 2023

Steiner Werkzeugmaschinen AG June 27, 2023

New 3D printing solution for jewellery making

The ProJet MJP 2500W Plus 3D printer uses MultiJet printing technology to consistently produce high-fidelity, CAD-accurate lost wax models for precision lost wax jewellery casting.

AM Expo 2023

DIM3NSIONS AG September 1, 2021

Printed serial parts at Rufalex

Rufalex Rolladen-Systeme AG in Kirchberg BE does not only print prototypes and jigs and fixtures with their Ultimaker 3D printers but also serial parts for their production in Switzerland. This allows the company to stay flexible and able to supply in times of uncertain logistics and supply chains.

AM Expo 2021

Materialise August 5, 2021

3D Printing Lightweight Metal Parts at Scale for Pinarello

To create Pinarello’s new racing bike, Dogma F, they needed the help of innovative partners and the latest technologies. Materialise’s complete metal 3D printing services and tailor-made workflows were a major enabling factor: almost cutting the weight of a crucial seat component in half.

AM Expo 2021

Rapid Manufacturing AG July 10, 2020


Götti Dimension X allows a complete new individualisation. The system: a front, 3 sizes, 3 nose bridges and custom-made temples. The result: perfect wearing comfort thanks to eyesglasses with identity.

AM Expo 2020

Faigle 3D January 23, 2020

Angel wings in 3D for Baselworld

Creativity and a dash of extravagance are required for a perfect appearance at Baselworld. This is why the luxury watch manufacturer Carl F. Bucherer came to my3dworld to showcase his watch collection in the best light alongside a unique shop window design with 3D subjects.

AM Expo 2020

Materialise January 29, 2018

Digital Supply Chain for Custom-Fit Ski Boots

Materialise and Tailored Fits create the first completely digital supply chain for ski boots. The custom fit boots are produced based on 3D scans. The customization platform behind the solution is also paving the way for other customized 3D-printed consumer goods.

AM Expo 2020

Faigle 3D March 1, 2017

barock meets digital

Mother Marie holds her son but focuses on her smart phone. this socio critical sculpture was done by scanning, of the Artist Simona Hofmann, printout in FDM, 1meter tall, 12.5 kg PLA, Traditional art craft completed the piece of art

AM Expo 2020

ProtoShape 3D-Printing AG February 10, 2016

3D scan safe high security key

StealthKey by UrbanAlps is the mechanical answer to unauthorized 3D scanning and printing of mechanical key.

AM Expo 2019

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