Innovation Center for 3D-printed Sand Cores

Since June 2018, our iron casting plant in Leipzig (DE) has had its own innovation center with a team working on additive manufacturing and its application for sand cores used in iron casting.

With the serial production of 3D-printed sand cores for sandcasting processes, we are your reliable partner providing know-how and state-of-the-art technology in the heart of Europe.

The highly complex design of 3D-printed sand cores is crucial for the complex design of a cast solution. It offers completely new design possibilities for hydraulic applications as well as truck, machine and engine parts. 

Your reliable Partner for Prototyping

By using additive manufactured prototypes, you get the geometries of early design stages which are produced already close to serial conditions. This way we can test, and improve before the actual serial production starts

Your Advantages:

  • Close to serial conditions: Without the limitations of conventional core making technology, previous multiple-part components can be fused to one single part, increasing integrity and reducing weight and costs.
  • Consulting service: If you lack the experience with additive manufacturing for prototypes, our dedicated team of experts is happy to assist you either with creating your design or help you to further optimize it according to the 3D printing process. Please get in touch with us.
  • Production cost reduction: By using prototypes to test your product beforehand, you can eliminate potential flaws already in the design phase which, in the end, will reduce the overall costs.