Trade Fair Information AM Expo 2023

Interesting program with top-class speakers at the symposium

AM Expo 2023 offers compact and structured knowledge transfer. At the symposium, renowned experts from a variety of application areas will provide practical information about the current state of additive manufacturing technology.

At the AM Expo symposium, visitors will receive an update about the current state and areas of application for additive manufacturing. Ten keynote speakers will be reporting on science, technology and industry. Fascinating projects will be introduced in 24 presentations, and five start-up pitches will offer interested parties an overview of the latest innovations in additive manufacturing.

Tuesday sees the spotlight directed onto focal topics

 The symposium is organized into application areas and focal topics. Presentations on the following focal topics will be given on the Tuesday:

  • New materials
  • New technologies
  • Innovation pitches
  • Component quality
  • Sustainability

Each thematic block will comprise keynotes and presentations on interesting projects. For example, Mirko Kovac of Empa will do a presentation on innovative drone technology. An interdisciplinary team from Imperial College London and Empa has developed a drone that can press concrete. If several drones work together as a team while interacting with floor-mounted robots and 3D printers, the result is robot ecosystems that could revolutionize the construction industry.

The lunchtime program will be dedicated to the next generation of 3D printers. IBAM presents five Swiss start-ups who will pitch their innovative applications, products and services. During the afternoon, Urs Thomann of Pilatus Aircraft Ltd will talk about the example of the long and tough road up to certification for an additively manufactured aviation part with typical titanium components.

Visitors who are not yet overly familiar with additive manufacturing are advised to attend the "Component quality" presentation series, which explains what can be expected of this technology. 

Different application examples on Wednesday

Wednesday will be fully devoted to the different areas of application of additive manufacturing. Specific examples will demonstrate how additive manufacturing can give rise to innovative solutions and how the technology can be applied profitably. The following thematic blocks will be discussed:

  • Mechanical engineering, automation technology, and robotics
  • Device and equipment manufacturing
  • Mobility
  • Medicine
  • Occupational safety

Roberto Liberato of alphacam swiss GmbH, among others, will talk about 3D printing in education and medical research. He will explain how we can use the technology of 3D printing to create better solutions for medical training and further education.

In his keynote speech, Michael Ferrari of Beyond Gravity will provide some interesting insights into additively manufactured aerospace components and he will give a step-by-step introduction to the development process, from the specifications to the qualification test. On the topic of occupational safety, Dr. Mathias Juch of Suva will provide an exposure assessment of additive manufacturing with metal powders. In his presentation he will provide some insight into the dust created during the process of additive manufacturing with metal powders and the associated risks.

Participation in the symposium is included in the admission to the trade fair. The presentations will be given in German or in English. You can find the full program here.