Product AM Expo 2023

Precision mechanisms with embedded functions

Additive manufacturing can allow freedom in geometry that could mean new designs and extended capabilities for mechanisms. In particular, the drastic reduction of the assembly process and the possibility to build more complex 3D compliant structures with embedded functionalities.

The activity demonstrated the major advantages of additive manufacturing, such as the design freedom and the possibility to build monolithic complex shapes. To demonstrate the capability to add embedded electrical wiring to nearly any 3D printed metal components, a compliant rotation to translation mechanism (CRTM) was designed and electrical wires were integrated within the topology optimized structural part, to power the motor and the strain gauge sensor which is directly printed by AJP on one of the flexure elements.

CSEM is a leader in providing cutting-edge solutions in design, end-to-end process development and quality assurance for 3D printed parts with embedded sensors and actuators.