Brand AM Expo 2023

The Mayku Multiplier - Produce housings and covers within minutes

With the Mayku Multiplier, housings, covers, protective plates, etc. can be produced within minutes and replicated almost infinitely often. With 4 bar pressure, the 3D pressure former achieves a level of detail that leaves even SLA printers behind.

Thermoforming with vacuum was yesterday - with 4 bar pressure, the Multiplier presses plastic sheets with a thickness of up to 5 mm over a mold template. With this industrial-level desktop device, objects made from ABS, PMMA, PETG and many other plastics can be 3d formed within minutes. This allows you to quickly create housings, covers, protective plates, molds and much more, which can then be multiplied almost infinitely many times. Simply insert a new sheet and the multiplier does the rest.

Especially for small series, this alternative form of production can be very economical and interesting. The molds are usually produced by a 3D printer for plastics, but can also be subtractively manufactured from wood or metal. Even structures in the micrometer range are reproduced on the formed sheet, thanks to the high pressure in the process.

See the Mayku Multiplier spontaneously on the DIM3NSIONS stand or make an appointment with Stefan Heule for an individual appointment at the time of your choice.