Brand AM Expo 2023

UltiMaker S7: Reliability Meets Versatility

For years, the UltiMaker brand has symbolized reliability in 3D printing, offering an expansive ecosystem and ensuring seamless integration of printers, materials, and software. This tradition continues in 2023 with the UltiMaker S7.

The UltiMaker S7 is a further development of the proven and reliable UltiMaker S5. The printer now includes an ultra-fine dust filtering system and build space temperature control by varying the exhaust air flow rate.


Within its build volume of 330 mm x 240 mm x300mm, the printer can handle a wide range of materials, from non-reinforced plastics with print temperatures up to 280 °C to composite materials like the new UltiMaker PET-CF, as well as third-party materials thanks to its open filament system.

Thanks to its open filament system, pre-configured print profiles for about 300 filaments are available in UltiMaker Cura, the world's most widely used slicer software.


Like previous S-Series models, the UltiMaker S7 is a dual extrusion printer, enabling it to print with two materials simultaneously, allowing:

  • Printing with water-soluble support material.
  • Combining hard and soft materials (2K parts).
  • Producing a single component with a stable base structure and, for instance, a low-friction surface.
  • And many other possibilities.

Thanks to the new flexible print bed, printed objects can be removed in just a few seconds. Additionally, numerous other detailed improvements ensure easier and more reliable print monitoring and an even better success rate.

The UltiMaker S7 can also be paired with the UltiMaker Material Station to create the UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle. This bundle allows for 24/7 operation due to its automatic filament spool change feature.