Innovation Symposium: Consumer goods / Lifestyle

Would you like a metal tie? At AM Expo, exhibitors will be presenting this and other real-life application examples from the consumer goods and lifestyle sector.

Additive manufacturing technology opens up previously unimagined freedom of design, enables the production of highly customised products, reduces time-to-market and simplifies maintaining secrecy with regard to new products until publication. It is already possible to configure customised items such as shoes and watches online and have them printed out layer by layer at the shop or the jeweller's premises.

At AM Expo on Wednesday, 13 March 2019 from 13.30 you can look forward to background information on the following showcases:


  • Heute schon bereit für die Serie! (Keynote)
    Gregor Reischle, TÜV SÜD

  • Mountainbike-Komponente aus Titan als Leichtbau-Technologie-Demonstrator für Dauerfestigkeit
    Felix Reinert, ProtoShape GmbH

  • 3D-Druck mit der Geschwindigkeit & Präzision von Spritzguss
    Maximilian Neck, ProductionToGo

  • Smarte additive Metallanwendungen: Metallkrawatte
    Adrian Helbling, Ecoparts AG

  • Additive Verfahren als Ergänzung zu MiM
    Bernd Würtele, MiMtechnik GmbH

  • Entwicklung von wasserlöslichem Stützmaterial für AM
    Florian Gschwend, IWK

  • Hybrid printing ceramics in multi-materials & smart design
    Arnaud Roux, 3DCeram