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AM Expo May 28, 2024

Additively becomes AM Expo 365

Additively is being integrated directly into the website. This makes the website the central source of information and inspiration before, during and after the trade fair.

Ecoparts AG April 16, 2024

Ecoparts produces with solar power

Our photovoltaic system has been in operation since the end of 2023. We produce energy on an area of around 1,000 m2. We expect to be able to use 70% of the electricity generated ourselves, which covers almost half of our energy requirements.

Ecoparts AG April 16, 2024

Another step for Ecoparts AG – Welcome machine Nr. 9!

We are delighted to have another EOS M290 machine. This strengthens our production capacity and provides additional flexibility for our additive solutions in metal.

Siemens Digital Industries Software March 8, 2024

White Paper: Accurately predict fatigue life for additive manufactured components

Discover how Simcenter 3D software can optimize both design and manufacturing processes to deliver reliable AM-based products, enabling manufacturers to print durable parts more rapidly and affordably.

ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, AM-Plattform January 4, 2024

Learning to make the most of additive manufacturing

"3D printing" or "additive manufacturing" opens up new possibilities. Their use requires knowledge, training and synthesis with personal experience in order to get the most out of these potentials, both economically and ecologically. The ZHAW supports you in achieving the very best.

Siemens Digital Industries Software November 9, 2023

Schubert Additive Solutions leverages NX to achieve digitalization and cut part lead times by 90 percent

Schubert Additive Solutions provides a solution for decentralized on-demand part production called Partbox. This consists of a part manufacturing data streaming platform, 3D printers and the matching plastic filament enabling customers to buy custom part designs and print the parts locally.

IBAM - Innovation Booster Additive Manufacturing October 27, 2023

Advanced Manufacturing of drug delivery systems

InkVivo’s technology provides pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies a cost-effective strategy to repurpose drugs and to extend the lifecycle of existing products, addressing a multi-billion market. Learn more in the pitch by Dr Elia Guzzi.

Rösler Schweiz AG October 27, 2023

Internal Channel Surface Finishing: New Technologies and Case Study

This speech Daniele Da Prato presents the results in terms of cleaning and smoothing of internal channel surface of AlSi10Mg printed parts obtained through different mechanical and chemical processes. These techniques can enhance the development of Additive Manufacturing in the mobility sectors.

CSEM SA October 20, 2023

Processing of advanced materials

Additive Manufacturing has not only enabled unprecedented freedom in design but has also unlocked processing of advanced materials. During this talk you will discover recent advances in developing end-to-end additive manufacturing process of advanced materials for your applications.

IBAM - Innovation Booster Additive Manufacturing October 13, 2023

Indirect AM solution for cellular agriculture scaffolds

While additive manufacturing provides absolute control of the geometry, the range of printable, high-performance materials is still limited. The ETH startup sallea is therefore developing 3D cell culture scaffolds for the cultivation of clean meat and fish based on an indirect AM approach.

AM Expo October 13, 2023

The next generation of 3D metal printing

Area Printing by Seurat is the next generation of 3D metal printing designed for high-volume, decarbonized industrial production. By decoupling resolution and speed, Seurat is creating a scalable process that can compete with traditional manufacturing in every way.

IBAM - Innovation Booster Additive Manufacturing October 2, 2023

A new generation of thermal, medical & therapeutic system 4.0

The CryoThermo system helps to improve the health of people who have intense sustained daily physical activity, of people who suffer from recurrent pain and chronic illness or injury. Find out more about the system in the pitch of Marco von Gunten, founder and CEO of CryoThermo 4.0 Sàrl.

Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology October 2, 2023

Teamwork on the ground and in the air

An interdisciplinary team from Imperial College London and Empa have developed a drone that can print concrete. If several drones act as a team and additionally interact with ground robots and 3D printers, robotic ecosystems are created which may revolutionize the construction industry.

NematX AG September 25, 2023

Industrial 3D Printing Beyond Limits

NEMATX develops new materials (liquid crystal polymers, LCP) and comprehensive manufacturing solutions to overcome the current limits in industrial 3D printing. The result is a profitable and sustainable high-mix low-volume production of high performance polymer parts for industrial applications.

AM Expo September 13, 2023
Trade Fair Information

Successful industrial fairs attract numerous visitors

After two successful days, AM Expo and Swiss Medtech Expo came to an end today, Wednesday 13 September 2023 at Messe Luzern. The interest in the two trade fairs was very high: 3,600 visitors were on site. The organisers are highly satisfied.

AM Expo 2023

SERILITH September 12, 2023

Henkel Loctite 3D resins

LOCTITE® 3D Printing provides a wide range of high-performance engineering-grade resins specifically designed for industrial applications. Designed for various DLP and LCD platforms, LOCTITE® resins have the necessary mechanical properties.

AM Expo 2023

iSQUARED AG September 12, 2023

Used Stratasys 3D printers

We offer a wide range of used Stratasys 3D printers for every application and budget. Benefit now from significant cost savings and minimize your environmental footprint along the way.

AM Expo 2023

3D Swiss Finish September 6, 2023
Best Practice

Would you like to modify an existing part and produce it economically in small quantities?

Would you like to modify an existing part and produce it economically in small quantities? Using practical examples, we will show you how you can produce metal parts efficiently and cost-effectively.

AM Expo 2023

DIM3NSIONS AG September 1, 2023

Precision 3D Scanners by Shining3D

Precision and ease of use combined in powerful scanning solutions, that's what Shining3D's metrology 3D scanners stand for. They are used in applications such as maintenance, reverse engineering or in combination with advanced additive manufacturing techniques.

AM Expo 2023

Torson Injex AG September 1, 2023

3D printed surfaces for injection molding

How do 3D printed surfaces compare with eroded or milled surfaces? This is particularly crucial in the injection molding process. Can 3D printed injection molds keep up? We show it live at our booth and produce sample parts.

AM Expo 2023

3devo B.V. August 31, 2023

Plastic Pigments - The Complete Guide on How Colorants Work

In the quest for a sustainable future, recycling innovations play a pivotal role in addressing environmental challenges and promoting circular economy practices. And once again, 3devo has demonstrated its value in enabling ground-breaking research innovations across diverse fields.

AM Expo 2023

3devo B.V. August 31, 2023

Sustainable 3D Printing: Create and Use Recycled Filament

Dive into the world of sustainable 3D printing, where discarded plastic finds new life as meticulously crafted filament. This transformative journey has led us through the intricacies of plastic recycling, filament extrusion, and now, the art of 3D printing with recycled materials.

AM Expo 2023

Eurofins Qualitech AG August 29, 2023

Industrial Computed Tomography for Aerospace

In hardly any other industry are the demands on component quality as high as in the aerospace industry. From the raw material to the finished products and assemblies, the highest standards apply in terms of dimensional accuracy, flawlessness and completeness.

AM Expo 2023

SERILITH August 25, 2023

SERILITH offers 3D printing using DLP method!

With different UV resins, DLP (digital light processing) offers many possibilities for manufacturing parts for industrial use. Let yourself be surprised by the quality of our printed parts.

AM Expo 2023