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Injex offers an injection molding service which is based on additive tooling. This reduces lead times for injection molded prototypes and small series from several weeks to a few days.

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Torson Injex AG September 1, 2023

3D printed surfaces for injection molding

How do 3D printed surfaces compare with eroded or milled surfaces? This is particularly crucial in the injection molding process. Can 3D printed injection molds keep up? We show it live at our booth and produce sample parts.

AM Expo 2023

Torson Injex AG July 25, 2023

Silicone Injection Molded Prototypes for Hearing Devices in Three Days

When developing new types of in-ear silicone shells, Sonova previously had to accept waiting times of up to six weeks for new prototypes. With Torson Injex' additive tooling process, this time has now be reduced to a few days.

AM Expo 2023

Torson Injex AG June 16, 2023

From discussion at a trade fair to company merger

As the crow flies, the distance between the two companies Torson Kunststofftechnik AG and Injex AG in Zurich was barely 350 m. But they only became acquainted at the 2020 Swiss Plastics Expo in Lucerne. Today, these two companies are working towards a common cause – as Torson Injex AG.

AM Expo 2023

Torson Injex AG February 5, 2019

Laser Welding of Injection Molded Prototypes from AM-Tool

Within a few days from the CAD-model to real injection molded parts. Prototypes made from production grade materials. Economical production of small-batch injection molding runs. All with the help of additive manufactured injection molding tools and the agile production process of Injex.

AM Expo 2019

Torson Injex AG February 20, 2018

Additive tooling: Injection molded plug housing overnight

The increasing need for innovation demands agile product development. We demonstrate how AM decreases turn-around time for injection molded prototypes from several weeks to a few days. As a demonstration, a plug housing is injection molded in 24 hours using the production material (PBT Valox 325).

AM Expo 2018

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About us


Injex has set itself the mission to increase innovation by producing prototypes closer to production quality in a shorter amount of time. The ability to rely on production-grade materials, already at the prototyping stage, presents an unbeatable advantage for various applications.


The foundation stone of Injex was laid in 2015 in a prototype workshop at ETH Zurich. The frustration over the limited choice of materials and their properties in 3D printing led to the development of a sophisticated injection molding process. The first trials were quickly successful, and the fully automated injection molding system was steadily further developed.