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AM Solutions - A brand of the Rösler Group

AM Solutions - 3D post processing technology is your partner for industrial post processing solutions and offers equipment independent of the printing process and the part material.

AM Solutions - Manufacturing service partner will assist you through all the development steps of additive manufacturing technologies, from value discovery, feasibility analisys, engineering and prototyping up to production of post processed and finished components.

Our solutions for your success!

For post processing of 3D printed components —  removal of powder and support structures, surface smoothing, surface homogenization and polishing — post processing solutions from AM Solutions cannot only offer a wide variety of suitable consumables, but also a broad range of equipment, either made in-house or supplied by competent partner companies. Our solutions, suitable for different printing technologies and materials, guarantee outstanding quality, a high degree of result repeatability, and excellent cost efficiency.
Our machines cannot only be utilized as stand-alone systems, but as completely linked installations they can also be easily integrated into your existing manufacturing line. Besides providing you with all kinds of equipment options, we can also assist you with your part design to ensure that the post processing of your products can be achieved in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner.

AM Solutions – Excellent solutions from one single source!


From design to final manufacturing choosing the right technology


AM Solutions – Manufacturing service partner supports the full development of our customers’ projects and processes through advanced simulation systems, CAD/CAM software, and specific skills. Thanks to the experience acquired in different technological areas, we can help to optimize products according to the chosen production process, material, and end use


The potential of additive manufacturing makes it a game changer technology. At AM Solutions – Manufacturing service partner, we have invested in advanced industrial equipment for metal 3D printing to make highly demanding components with different materials and dimensions for both prototype and production applications.

Post processing

Components produced using additive manufacturing are rarely finished as built and require some post processing steps. AM Solutions – Manufacturing service partner has developed an internal process which includes - after de-powdering and support removal - an oven for thermal treatments and a five axis milling machine for precision rework of specific areas.


Surface finishing is an important topic when looking at additive manufacturing. As a member of the Rӧsler Group, AM Solutions – Manufacturing service partner offers a wide range of solutions, tailored to specific customer needs, including cleaning, smoothing, reduction of surface roughness, processing of internal channels, and dry electro-polishing of components.


With the investment on an ISO 8 Cleanroom, AM Solutions – Manufacturing service partner reinforces its service portfolio in the medical sector. The cleanroom is a strong asset that enables us to include operations, assembly and packaging services at a top level of quality within medical and life sciences industry. The investment is also the concrete demonstration of how, at AM Solutions – Manufacturing service partner, we are ready to invest on our customers by aligning to their specific needs.