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DyeMansion – the post-processing market leader for polymer components

DyeMansion is the world's leading provider of fully networked and completely integrated end-to-end solutions for all post-processing steps of 3D printed polymer parts.

Post-processing of 3D printed polymer parts often represents the bottleneck for efficient production: It was done manually and the surface quality often did not reach the required level for end-use manufacturing. DyeMansion complements your 3D printing process chain with a complete automated and seamlessly integrated solution - for your high-quality end products.

Print-to-product workflow

The DyeMansion Print-to-Product workflow combines industry-leading technology with the widest range of colors and finishing options available on the market. The Industry 4.0-enabled systems integrate effortlessly into existing production processes and include cleaning, cleaning & finishing, surface finishing and inking.

Post-processing made easy in 3 steps for your efficient AM production


DyeMansion's exclusive PolyShot Cleaning (PSC) enables the depowdering of a medium sized build area in as little as ten minutes. This results in a significant reduction in the time and manpower required for parts cleaning, increasing your efficiency. Investing in automated depowdering with the Powershot C can replace up to four manual blasting systems. PolyShot Cleaning is compatible with all current powder bed technologies and ensures residue-free parts for vibrant colors.

Surface treatment is performed by an intelligent hardware booth. The blast cabinet of the DyeMansion Powershot C is equipped with a rotating basket and clad in stainless steel. Different blasting nozzles and an ionization system ensure reproducible results. A basket with soft and replaceable lining protects parts from damage during the process. Two simultaneously operating blast nozzles are arranged perpendicular to the rotating basket and the inserted parts, which ensures efficient removal of the powder.

The ease of operation is exceptionally high. The touchscreen and integrated control panel allow you to experience a whole new level of process control. The Powershot C's pre-installed programs can be easily controlled via a user-friendly interface. Custom programs can be easily configured and saved. The user-centered design ensures easy accessibility and safe operation. Continuous monitoring enables an efficient and repeatable process flow.


With fast turnaround times and the ability to process a full build envelope, the Powershot Performance Series outperforms all other available systems in terms of efficiency. Combined with DyeMansion's exclusive cleaning and surfacing processes, these systems are optimally designed for high-volume production.


URMA presents a wide range of surfacing technologies in collaboration with DyeMansion to optimize the post-processing of 3D printed objects. These include PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) with the Powershot S and VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS) with the Powerfuse S and Powerfuse S PP.


Thanks to the innovative DeepDye Coloring (DDC) technology, there are no limits to your color wishes: In addition to the more than 170 standard and RAL colors available at any time without additional development costs and waiting times, you have the option of creating individual shades – whether for corporate design colors, seasonal trend colors or specific skin tones. The DM60's integrated and fully automatic cleaning program enables flexible use and fast color changes.

Coloring 3D-printed plastic parts has long been a manual process that is difficult to control. DyeMansion handles this process for you, delivering precise color formulations in the microgram range. This creates an industrial-grade, user-friendly process that can be reproduced at will. A key advantage are the color cartridges, which are custom-made depending on the base material, desired surface and color shade. With the extended ColorsX color range, DyeMansion specifically meets industry-specific requirements (ISO certified).