Know-How AM Expo 2023

With additive components on the mountain

A hill climb race is the embodiment of precision, maximum performance, efficiency and utmost concentration. These values manifest themselves not only in the drivers, but above all in their racing vehicles. A single component can make a significant difference.

The mountain is calling!

With full concentration, Fabio Prandi sits in his Audi TT at the start of the hill climb in Hemberg, supported by additive components from Unlimital AG. Since 2022, Unlimital has maintained a technical cooperation and sponsorship with the Prandi Racing Team. The aim of this partnership is to develop innovative concepts, implement and test technically sophisticated solutions. The ambitious mountain racer from Uri has already demonstrated his skills on the race track several times. Since the 2022 season, he has relied on the additive components made of plastic and metal developed and produced by Unlimital. It's all about maximum performance with minimum weight, optimal aerodynamics and the ability to get spare parts quickly.


Which technologies are used? 

The demanding field of racing poses great challenges for man and material. In the first year of collaboration, the focus was on collecting and prioritising data and ideas. The first components were correspondingly non-critical parts, which were designed through topology optimisation and then manufactured from glass-fibre reinforced plastic using FDM printing. The knowledge gained served as the basis for further developments and customised solutions that were optimal for the vehicle and the driver.


During the winter break, further ambitious projects such as a new rear spoiler design, modified wheel carriers, structural components and control consoles were developed, tested and installed. To ensure the most efficient implementation, various additive technologies were combined with subtractive manufacturing methods. The following technologies and production methods were used:

DMLS Metal 3D Printing

FDM Plastic 3D Printing

5-axis CNC manufacturing

Laser/water jet cutting

Topology optimisation

Lightweight construction

Lattice structures


We are already working on the development of new upgrades to be installed during the winter break 23/24.

The cooperation for Unlimital

Marcel Gisler: "The partnership with the Prandi Racing Team is invaluable for us. We can develop new concepts and technologies in a challenging environment and constantly learn new things. The knowledge we gain is incorporated into our engineering and production processes. Fabio and we share a fascination for motorsport and the ambition to pursue a dream at a young age. His ambition to always deliver top performance, combined with numerous ideas, make the collaboration not only extremely exciting, but also very motivating."


The cooperation for the Prandi Racing Team

Fabio Prandi: "The cooperation with Unlimital is a decisive factor for us to continuously improve our race car. The components meet the highest requirements, which are indispensable for us on the race track. In the process, we not only save a lot of space, but also a lot of weight. When working out the ideas, the enthusiasm and extensive know-how of the team from Unlimital is noticeable and clearly visible. We look forward to further collaboration and are excited to see how we can improve our race car even further."