Brand AM Expo 2023

AMT PostPro SF100 - Fully automatic post-processing

Designed specifically for the additive manufacturing industry, AMT's fully automated finishing solutions consistently and quickly transform 3D printed parts into production-ready parts.

The PostPro SF100 is AMT’s next generation chemical vapor smoothing technology that sets new benchmark gold standards for the AM industry.

Designed for high volume production

Featuring Industry 4.0 automation and a processing chamber of 100 liters, the PostPro SF100 was designed to increase efficiency in terms of potential throughput, thus reducing cost-per-part.

Small Footprint

Its compact and ergonomic form allows easier operation while taking up less valuable operating floor space.

Taking your parts to the next level

PostPro SF100 takes your parts performance to the next level. By enhancing your surface, not only does it create beautifully looking parts, but it also improves the mechanical performance and seals the surface enabling easy cleaning, dyeing, and coating, while keeping dimensional accuracy without marks from fixtures.