Customer and patient-specific solutions

Additive manufacturing produces components directly from digital data that can be customised for each indi-vidual client. It enables a much wider scope of product customisation than was previously the case. In fact, it can go as far as co-creation where the client is actively integrated in the design process. This focus topic looks at solutions for product customisation.

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3D-Model AG July 23, 2020

Truly comprehensive solutions to produce bioceramic implants

3DCeram has developed a technology based on stereolithography for the production of bioceramic skull or jawbone implants. This technology allows to control the porosity, use calcium phosphates as materials and adapt the implant to the patient.

AM Expo 2018

Rapid Manufacturing AG July 10, 2020


Götti Dimension X allows a complete new individualisation. The system: a front, 3 sizes, 3 nose bridges and custom-made temples. The result: perfect wearing comfort thanks to eyesglasses with identity.

AM Expo 2020

URMA AG October 22, 2019

SLM for the production of patient-matched titanium implants

At the Swiss Medtech Expo Philip Oris, SLS Solutions, addressed the technical development of the selective laser melting technology. By doing so, he demonstrated how SLM enables the fabrication of patient-friendly titanium implants. URMA is the exclusive partner in Switzerland for SLM Solutions.

DIM3NSIONS AG February 20, 2018

Preparation for surgery in veterinary medicine

With the help of a 3D printed model from CT scans surgical intervention on a young horse with deformed hind legs was prepared. Thanks to optimal preparation the intervention was successful and the horse is now able to walk without problems.

AM Expo 2018

Materialise January 29, 2018

Digital Supply Chain for Custom-Fit Ski Boots

Materialise and Tailored Fits create the first completely digital supply chain for ski boots. The custom fit boots are produced based on 3D scans. The customization platform behind the solution is also paving the way for other customized 3D-printed consumer goods.

AM Expo 2020

SLM Solutions Group AG December 7, 2017

CMF Surgery Case Study

CMF Surgery - A new technique for the reconstruction of extensive zygomatic complex defects. Selective laser melted titanium implants by SLM Solutions

AM Expo 2019

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